April 2, 2023

It turns out you can play Saints Row without graphics card, because Sandbox Crime Cloak will run on iGPU. The recently released reboot joins a growing list of games that don’t require specialized AMD or Nvidia pixel pushers to function properly, such as gaming PC ports of No Man’s Sky and Spider-Man Remastered.

According to YouTuber RandomGaminginHD, Saints Row works without a graphics card, and you can even play at 1080p with an AMD Ryzen 7 5700G CPU. Benchmark enthusiasts also used the Athlon 3000G and Intel Core i3 12300 to explore the world of Santo Iles while maintaining frame rates in excess of 30fps.

Naturally, playing Saints Row with the CPU rather than the graphics card requires caution, as its settings have to be turned down. Still, the fact that you can run the sandbox adventure without dedicated hardware is impressive, a testament to the game’s impressive optimization.

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We still recommend playing Saints Row with the best graphics card you can get, as it will allow you to crank up the fps and keep things from looking like PS2 romps. As silly as the RandomGaminginHD experiment sounds, it does have a practical use, as it helps provide peace of mind that it will work well on Steam Deck and lower-spec handheld gaming PC replacements from Onexplayer and Ayaneo.

Exploring games that can run without a graphics card is especially fun, especially since RTX 4000 and RDNA 3 are all the rage. The goal of most enthusiasts is to build the best gaming PC possible, but perhaps we’ll see more gamers running games on upgraded gaming laptops and wobbly devices in the future, especially as GPUs continue to command premium prices. in the case of.

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