March 25, 2023

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I do admit that the main idea behind most startups is to make money and live a better life. But once the business starts, many important aspects of business growth are revealed. As a leader, co-founder, and former social educator, I’ve come to realize the advantages of having collaborators as teammates rather than making them your object. This is an important approach for businesses in all sectors of the economy. It is only through good leadership that a fully integrated system can be created in a business. The goal is to build a place where everyone is working towards a common goal of achieving the success of the company’s vision.

In this sense, good leadership is the ability to guide an organization without profit as the only motivating factor. Collaborators need to be part of the bigger picture. They need to be involved in making important decisions and play an important role in making the goals and aspirations of the organization a reality. This first needs to be achieved by building connections and good relationships between managers and collaborators. Connections built on trust, respect, and shared goals, not rigid systems with managers as leaders and collaborators.

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Have a good working environment

There is a psychological factor that affects a collaborator’s productivity. The less important a collaborator is in an organization, the less productive they are.This Hawthorne experiment Elton Mayo’s research proves that most companies are investing in the wrong things while trying to make themselves successful.

The study proves that business success is not due to the provision of good and favourable physical working conditions. This is because of the psychological connection workers have with their jobs and work environment. This means that having incentives, increasing collaborators’ salaries, creating a favorable work environment, and other factors that are flagged as effective ways to increase collaborators’ productivity are not as effective. Even more effective is making collaborators feel important and influencing the psychological aspects of their work. I’ve seen this happen where collaborators are doing their work because they like the feeling that the task gives them. They like to feel valued, and their role in bringing organizational goals into reality is as important as my role as a manager.

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social approach

The social approach includes connections between collaborators and managers, rather than placing the two groups on formal terms. On my path, I got into the habit of fist bumping my collaborators instead of the usual good morning. I have made it a priority to learn and appreciate all the cultures of these collaborators. I’ve let them know that the company is a public supporter of diversity. In addition to this, I create a psychologically supportive environment by creating team spirit in the business. This is what I do by making sure all collaborators know that if one of us fails, the entire organization fails. Roles and tasks in a company are closely related, so we all need to shine with each other.

I’ve noticed that this makes all my collaborators more enthusiastic about their tasks. It also empowers each collaborator who wants to efficiently succeed for larger teams.

The benefits of a socially and psychologically enabling environment

I also allow myself to learn in the process of managing our business. The collaborators have many skills and insights that I use to make more profits and create a better business profile. The lessons I have learned from working and interacting with collaborators on a personal level have also made me a better growth advisor. Through the connections I made with my collaborators, I learned the intricate details of turning the company’s dreams into reality – while having a positive impact on the collaborators and society as a whole.

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Our business has reaped the fruits of creating a socially enabling environment. It’s wise to focus on making the people who make the company profitable. It’s also better than pushing profits into the company by instilling strict company guidelines. Creativity and innovation can only be born in an organization with the support of a psychologically favorable environment. work hard to create it.

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