March 24, 2023

A new video shows a Georgia Republican official involved in a plan to send fake voters to overturn the 2020 election results, escorting two lawyers working for former President Donald Trump’s lawyers on the same day the voting system was breached. Agents enter county’s election office, CNN Report.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is now investigating the violations, which have become a point of interest for the Fulton County District Attorney’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s interference in the 2020 election results.

Video shows former Coffee County Republican Party chair Cathy Latham escorting a team of agents into the county’s election office on Jan. 7, 2021, the day the voting system was breached.

Two agents, Scott Hall and Paul Maggio, said they obtained the Coffee County voting machine at the request of one of Trump’s lawyers, Sidney Powell. Ms Powell rose to prominence in 2020 when she said, “I’m going to free the siren.”

“The video shows that Cathy Latham played a bigger role in the work of Sullivan Strickler’s team in Coffee County than she claims,” ​​said David Cross, an attorney representing Georgia’s election integrity group. “For example, we can see her escorting the team into the office that morning. She has important ties to the effort to create a roll of Georgia voters who would have voted wrongly for Trump in the 2020 election, which now appears to be Be the subject of a Fulton County grand jury investigation.”

A civil investigation revealed that Ms. Latham communicated directly with the then-Coffee County Elections Director about entering the office. A text message showed Ms Latham was coordinating the turnaround of a team “led by Paul Macho”, according to a court document.

Three days later, Ms Latham texted the supervisor asking “Have you all finished the scanners?” She later testified that she had no idea what Mr Hall was doing there, but when confronted with the document, she Uphold her rights under the Fifth Amendment, which prevents self-incrimination.

The company Mr. Maggio works for, Sullivan Strickler, which Ms. Powell hired, told CNN it was “directed by attorneys to contact county election officials to obtain certain data in the state” and “directed by attorneys to distribute this data to certain individuals.” .”

The alleged violations are part of a larger effort to provide seats to fake voters in states Mr. Trump lost in 2020, and show they are also involved in attempts to gain unauthorized access to parts of the country in areas friendly to the former president. voting machine.

A lawyer representing Ms Latham did not dispute the facts of the story and said she had no authority to “authorize anyone to do anything with the ballot”, but added that she did not “personally participate in the electoral committee and/or its staff…maybe The decision has been made to handle the votes under their own power (or at least under the power they think they are).”

“So whether or not she correctly remembers the details of the time she spent there on January 7th does not change the fact that she has no right to do anything nor is she personally involved in anything that is done,” The attorney told CNN.

Meanwhile, another attorney named Bob Cheeley told CNN, “Cathy Latham has devoted a lot of time and energy to protecting the integrity of the Coffee County, Georgia elections over the years. She will not and will not knowingly be involved in any elections. any misconduct.”

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