March 24, 2023

A stranded spear fisherman was evacuated from the turbulent waters of the U.S. Virgin Islands on Sunday in an extraordinary rescue by the U.S. Coast Guard from Tropical Storm Earle.

The fisherman, identified as a 50-year-old man, was injured and grabbed rocks near the Isle of Dogs as six-foot waves crashed around him, the Coast Guard said in a statement. Press ReleasesAccording to the agency, he drove a 26-foot boat to the area early Sunday before sending a distress call to a friend who diverted it to St. Thomas’ emergency dispatch operator.

Rescue teams arrived at the scene by boat and helicopter, the Coast Guard said. Crews initially tried to reel the fisherman with thick ropes, but were unsuccessful as storm waves prevented the boat from approaching him. A helicopter flew overhead, a swimmer descended onto a rock to rescue the injured fisherman, and the pair were eventually pulled back into the plane by seat belts.

The Coast Guard shared a video The moment on Twitter over the weekend was aptly called an “impressive” rescue.

Tropical Storm Earl poured heavy rain in the northeastern Caribbean on Sunday, hitting Puerto Rico as well as the Leeward, U.S. and British Virgin Islands. Associated Press. Two people using jet skis was killed In Puerto Rico on Sunday, lightning struck the water during a storm.

Earle is expected to intensify this week after heading north from St Thomas on Monday with maximum sustained winds of 65 a consult On Tuesday morning, the National Hurricane Center described Earl as “a little messy” and warned that the storm is expected to intensify into a hurricane in the coming days.

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