March 24, 2023

Prime Minister Liz Truss, in his first address to the nation, promised to help Britain “ride through” the storm of multiple crises facing the country, including a soaring cost of living and an energy crisis, however, the new leader offered no mention of it The illegal immigration crisis in the English Channel.

Truss overtook her challenger Rishi Sunak in the Conservative leadership race by 57.3% to 42.6%, making him third behind Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May Conservative woman politician who became prime minister. This morning after meeting Queen Elizabeth II at the monarch’s Scottish estate in Balmoral.

At the address at the gate of 10 Downing Street, Delay She started by ‘saluting’ her predecessor due to a downpour, saying: ‘Boris Johnson delivered Brexit, Covid vaccine and resisted Russian aggression. History will see him as a A far-reaching prime minister.”

“We are now facing severe global headwinds caused by Russia’s appalling war in Ukraine and the aftermath of Covid-19. Now is the time to address the issues holding back the UK, we need to build roads, homes faster and broadband. We need more jobs and investment in every town and city in our country. We need to ease the burden on families and help people get on with their lives,” she said.

While she conceded it would be difficult, Truss said she planned to turn Britain into an “aspiring nation” with well-paying jobs, safe streets and opportunities for all.

Truss said she will focus on three main priorities at the beginning of her tenure as prime minister: stimulating economic growth through tax cuts and other unnamed reforms, and tackling “the problems caused by Putin’s war” by supporting domestic energy supplies and other actions. “The energy crisis – possibly suggesting reports she is planning to freeze energy bills with a massive £100bn government subsidy – finally promises to put the country’s socialised healthcare system on “firm footing” so people can actually make an appointment with their doctor.

“As powerful as this storm may be, I know the British people are stronger. Our country was built by people who got things done. We have a huge pool of talent, energy and determination. I believe we can get through this together. Get over it and we can rebuild our economy and we can be the modern brilliant Britain I know we can be,” she concluded.

During the long, drawn-out leadership election process over the summer, Truss has sought to cast himself as a small conservative candidate, vowing to lower taxes to tackle a cost-of-living crisis and open up fracking and oil exploration to ease energy sparked by a green agenda crisis, and vows to take wake-up politics in the Deep State civil service within her own administration.

Others, however, have cast doubt on her history as a Liberal Democrat and her opposition to the EU referendum in 2016, with Brexit leader Nigel Farage referring to Truss as “Theresa May 2.0”.

Worryingly, Alliance with the World Economic Forum It has also vowed to deliver on Boris Johnson’s pledge to fundamentally change the UK economy so that the UK can claim to achieve “net zero” carbon emissions by 2050.

The new prime minister has also largely ignored the growing boat migration crisis in the English Channel, with a record number of illegal migrants landing on British shores, only promising to increase the number of front-line Border Force officers, a relief given that the force will not be Would stop people from smuggling boats and instead bring migrants safely to British shores, so there’s a problem.

In addition to facing several ongoing crises, Truss is taking over a severely damaged Conservative Party, the latest polling YouGov, from the general public voting intentions, believes that the Conservatives trail the opposition left-wing Labour Party by 43%, and 28 may become the first Conservative Prime Minister to hand the keys to Downing Street to Labour in nearly 30 years.

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