June 4, 2023

Sony’s head of PlayStation hardware, Masayasu Ito, is leaving the company after nearly four years at the company.

announced in a Press releaseIto, 60, who is also the PS4 and PS5 engineering director, will retire on October 1 and will be replaced by Lin Tao. Under Ito’s leadership, the PS4 has sold a staggering 117.2 million units over its lifetime, cementing its status as one of the most successful consoles of all time.according to BloombergIto retired because of the retirement age.

Play now: The Road to PS5

Ito has been with Sony since 1986 before moving to PlayStation in 2008 to oversee PlayStation hardware engineering. Not only is Ito the PS4 and PS5 leader, but he also oversees PSVR.

Like its predecessor, the PS5 continues to sell well, although a global parts shortage has hampered potential sales, making the console notorious for its elusiveness.

Ito wrote a blog post Shared on the PlayStation Blog in 2020, he discussed some of the challenges of developing consoles throughout the pandemic, noting a shortage of chips.

Late last month, Sony announced that it would increase the cost of the PS5 in a number of regions, although the US wasn’t one of them.

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