June 4, 2023

The latest update to Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Brutal Swarm, brings new operators, revamped maps, and various gameplay tweaks and fixes. The update will also kick off free play days on PlayStation and PC until September 8th.

Grim is the new operator for this season. He moved quickly but was in poor health. He has a 552 Commando or SG-CQB in his primary weapon slot and a P229 in his secondary weapon slot. His gadget is the Kawan Hive Launcher, a canister-style projectile that deploys nanobots. These tiny robots reveal the location of enemies until their batteries run out. In addition, the map Stadium also brings new features, including indestructible bulletproof glass, and a new name: Stadium Bravo.

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The update also brings balance and social changes to the multiplayer shooter. The recoil of each weapon has been newly adjusted, PC only. Console players will receive recoil updates tailored for controller use in the future. Some operators will now be able to equip EMP grenades. An improved map banning phase will allow each team to ban one of the five maps, letting the computer choose between the remaining three.

On the social front, Rainbox Six Siege now allows more options for reporting players. The update introduces stage 2 of the reputation system and changes a lot of the abusive text chat. On top of that, the game now allows you to report players from the match replay viewer.

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