March 24, 2023

Publisher Apogee Entertainment has announced a new 2D platform adventure game called LUCID, which it describes as “Celestoidvania” (we don’t know what that particular moniker is!), combining Celeste’s excellent game mechanics with exploration and non-linearity Spend Metroid and Castlevania.

Coming to Switch in 2024, LUCID will feature a “huge world” and will require players to solve challenging puzzles, face terrifying beasts, and re-explore previously explored areas with brand new items and weapons. Sure sounds like a typical Metroid!

The battles themselves feature a mechanic called “Crystal Art” that is rewarded to players at various time intervals during the game. These allow for both ranged and close combat abilities, so exchanging them in battle is crucial to achieving victory.

Eric Manahan, founder of developer Matte Black Studios has this to say:

“and wide awake, I’m committed to letting players tell as many stories as possible in their own way. From the narrative threads you choose to use, to your favorite crystal art and movement techniques, sober Designed to allow you to write your own legend in a world of broken platform bliss. “

We’ll be sure to provide more information on LUCID when we hear about it in the coming months.

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