April 1, 2023

largeUnton —In the 2015 election, Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, threaten A “chaotic coalition” if Labour becomes the biggest party and comes to power with the help of the SNP. In the end, the Conservative Party won by a big margin. Since then, we’ve held three general elections (usually only one), been knocked out in front of the EU, and are now our fourth prime minister in six years.

It turns out the Conservatives have been aligning themselves with themselves – it’s not going well for them or anyone else and has little prospect of improvement in the short term.

The most recent character to fall from the clown car and come to power is the new Prime Minister Liz Truss.Truss, Britain’s third-ever female prime minister – and second in the past four years – was once a anti-monarchist Liberal Democrats and the campaign against Brexit. This suggests less of an ideological trajectory than a malleability that bends to power. In the summer of the primaries between her and former prime minister Rishi Sunak, she exposed herself as financially illiterate, politically opportunistic and retarded.

The Conservatives choose their leader by allowing MPs to whittle down the race to the last two and then let members decide. At the start of the game, less than a third of Britons knew who Truss was. She came third out of the final four candidates that her parliamentary colleagues had to choose. But once she got into the last two because the MPs didn’t like her compared to the others and the MPs liked her more than the robot performer Sunak, who accused Sunak of raising taxes and ousted Boris Johnson.Even so, her 57-43 victory was narrowest margin Any Conservative leader elected under current rules. Truss herself has little to recommend, except that she is not Johnson and is the candidate most Conservatives consider the least obnoxious.bring one YouGov poll Showing that 50% of Britons are disappointed that she is the new prime minister (including a third of Conservatives), while 22% are happy that whatever her honeymoon will be, will be short-lived.

In normal times, the Conservatives’ 66-seat majority in parliament may be enough to keep Truss holding out until this parliamentary term ends in 2024. But now is not the usual time. Britain is going through an economic crisis on a scale not seen in half a century or more.

Average gas and electricity bills to rise 80% next month – since April. Inflation is now in double digits and rising.Government departments have started hoarding carbon paper Shang Ke Copy and distribute their work in case a power outage disables the computer.The picture shows quarter Children already living in poverty when the crisis began will escalate, according to a report by the Alliance to End Child Poverty.a recent poll disclose One in four households plan to have no heat this winter.This largest food bank The country said it may have to shut down because it cannot afford the energy bills to keep refrigerators and freezers running.

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