June 4, 2023

Ragnarok has a new ad featuring two rick and morty In the crossover, I can safely say I’m not ready to see it today.The game was released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 November 9 Set in a mysterious Norse world full of gods and monsters, the two briefly visit the world for a shiny new axe and some gimmicks.

Granted, the ad itself does have some jokes that make me giggle. Rick drunkenly sums up the basic plot of many AAA narrative action-adventure games, such as God of War, as a journey of making choices and facing consequences, as well as opening a giant golden treasure chest to find the Leviathan axe and “other unannounced”. upgrade”, which was enough to get me on board.

Check out the Rick and Morty ad here!

This isn’t the first crossover ad that Rick and Morty has been involved in.Back in 2020, American fast food restaurants Wendy’s partners with Rick and Morty to promote some of their breakfast menus, humanoid breakfast bacon, honey chicken biscuits and icy ccino rushed down and attacked the pair with pipes and bats. fun stuff.

Look, video games shouldn’t be taken too seriously, no matter how dramatic and heartbreaking their stories are. I’m looking forward to the latest romp featuring Kratos and his kids like the next PlayStation owner, but some light-hearted jabs are welcome. If anything, they enhance the experience, even if they come from corporate advertising.

But what do you think? The trailer is embedded above, so check it out and let us know what you think! For more Ragnarok, check out our report on Ragnarok’s new action, as well as the Ragnarok story review to get you ready for the game’s launch!

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