March 24, 2023

  • A $30 million superyacht has SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet installed.
  • SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said in a Twitter post that the news was “cool.”
  • The captain told Teslarati that Starlink was a game changer, but not useful when crossing the Atlantic.

SpaceX’s satellite internet, Starlink, is now up and running on Instagram’s famous $30 million superyacht in the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Teslarati first report news. The captain and yacht spokesman confirmed the news to Insider.

Motor Yacht Loon, billing Captain Paul Clark told Insider that the world’s most Instagrammable superyacht with a “seven-star” service switched to Starlink when the maritime version of the service was launched in early July.

Musk respond Go to the Teslarati article on Twitter and say “cool”. The billionaire is the founder of SpaceX, which owns Starlink.The company has more than 2,900 satellites Currently in orbit, launched by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket.

Starlink on motor yacht Loon

Starlink on motor yacht Loon

Motor Yacht Dragon

Starlink Maritime on Loon costs $5,000 a month to get consistent speeds, ranging from 150 megabits per second to 200 megabits per second, Clark said. Clark added that this was a drop in the price of Viasat, the yacht’s previous internet service, which charged $10,000 a month for speeds of 50 to 80 megabits per second.

“We did everything we could and it didn’t miss a beat,” Clark told Insider.

Clarke told Teslarati that Starlink is a “complete game changer” because every TV on the 180-foot yacht is now capable of streaming in HD.

Starlink wasn’t working when Loon crossed the Atlantic, Clark told Teslarati. Clark said in the interview that he contacted Starlink’s support team, who told him the service is expected to be operational in the region by the end of the year.

Motor Yacht Dragon

Motor Yacht Loon

Motor Yacht Dragon

Clarke plans to test Starlink next May when Loon crosses the Atlantic again, he told Teslarati.

A spokesman for Loon told Insider that the crew on the yacht experienced a good internet connection thanks to Starlink, describing their experience as “very positive”.

The spokesperson added that Starlink enables the yacht’s onboard videographers to share content “more efficiently.”

Loon has over 62,000 followers Instagram, which posts scenic photos of the yacht, crew, onboard food and activities available during the charter. Clark told Teslarati that the yacht was worth $30 million. According to it, Loon can accommodate 12 guests and 14 crew members and features an infinity pool, jacuzzi and open-air bar. website.

As Starlink expands its network, users around the world are reporting different ways they are deploying Starlink. One user told Insider last week that he took Starlink to Greece for a week-long sailing holiday and said the service was “very good.”

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