April 1, 2023

Health insurance professionals come to work every day with one goal in mind: to make life better, healthier and easier for the millions of Americans who depend on them. That’s why insurers are embracing innovation, building forward-thinking teams, and adopting the latest technologies the tech world has to offer—such as push notifications to manage diabetes, matching services to dating apps for doctors, and even from smart home devices.

But consumer technology and healthcare are developing rapidly. Join senior leaders meeting this month for an in-depth discussion on the future direction of healthcare technology.

For the upcoming Consumer Experience and Digital Health Forum in Nashville, September 12-14, AHIP has scheduled a top-notch panel of speakers, sessions and exhibitors so attendees can explore consumer-friendly technology topics As well as new solutions to solve problems and act on them.

A robust lineup of keynote speakers will explore the necessary alignment between digital solutions and the consumer experience:

  • Paul MalkovichCalifornia Blue Shield President and CEO will share how he sees healthcare becoming more simplified, digitized and automated, and how the industry’s massive data storage is laying the foundation for artificial intelligence.
  • PhD. David RueMicrosoft Global Chief Medical Officer and Vice President, will explore how data-driven technologies can improve consumer connections and services.
  • Mickey TripathiThe HHS National Coordinator for Health Information Technology will provide the government’s perspective on adopting health IT and promoting standards-based national exchanges of health information to improve healthcare while protecting patient privacy.

Check out the full speaker lineup here.


The forum promises to be a dynamic, outcome-focused conference where attendees will explore the latest ideas, advancements and digital tools to guide greater health. Join us to explore:

  • Applied science and technology for a seamless experienceusing an omnichannel approach to manage chronic care, acute care, and behavioral health and well-being.
  • consumer-first mindsetsuch as changing consumer interactions to create frictionless experiences and improve health.
  • Addressing Equity and Access Issuescovering best practices in artificial intelligence, IoT and digital health strategies that can establish equitable access.
  • Protect patient privacydiscussing next-generation cybersecurity.

People and products to see

From sleep to motivation, fertility, meal delivery, pain management, heart health, metabolic disease, mental health and more, the exhibitors at this event are people and products worth knowing. Check out the full list of nearly 50 exhibitors we look forward to speaking with attendees.

Join us in Nashville and discover how your organization can build on this momentum and deliver a modern digital experience that simplifies and improves the patient experience. Register now for this session and participate in these engaging and inspiring conversations.

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