April 1, 2023

343 Industries Can’t make fans happy.the developers behind Halo Infinite It came under fire after a series of game updates that felt… lacking.recent Developer Update With less than 30,000 likes on YouTube, there are almost three times as many likes as the video.

as the first anniversary Halo InfinitePublishing methods, live-serving game models take precedence over features that are essential to traditional games halo The experience has fans questioning the future of Xbox’s most iconic franchises.

what happened? — September 1, 2022, official halo YouTube account posted a Developer Update 343 Industries creative director Joseph Staten and Halo Infinite Field Service Sean Baron Discussion route map for the upcoming season of the game.

The September developer update was disliked by the public halo fan.Microsoft

Baron said the most important goal for the field service team is to “achieve seasonality,” which means giving players more of what they want and serving them faster and more consistently.But more notable than features added in the near future are those that will never be there Halo Infinite.

although possible Split-screen campaign co-op will be a part of it Halo Infinite, Staten announced a “difficult decision” not to ship this model. Instead, resources will be focused on new game modes that support real-time service models and multiplayer.

One of the most requested multiplayer modes endless It’s always been Forge, a franchise staple that allows players to create their own game modes and maps to play with. Forge does not start endlessthe latest roadmap says the mode will be in beta between November 7, 2022 and March 7, 2023.

Lack of new content, missing classics halo The function makes fans feel burned by 343.Microsoft

Why are fans angry- “343 industries need to leave,” declares YouTuber Casanova Creed In a video posted on the same day as the September update: “They have four chances to bring us halo …and every time, they screwed up. “

this emotion throughout halo Fans follow for updated videos.An article from Tom’s Guide Statement “343 industries are no longer trustworthy halo. “As of this writing, the developer’s update has more than three times as many likes, a clear sign of the developer’s dissatisfaction. halo fans with status endless.

Lack of content updates and some omissions haloThe most iconic game modes and features make fans feel endless Unlike a franchise.Split-screen co-op and Forge are both halo Franchise, without them, all of this endless In its current state is a struggling live-service multiplayer game — and while its storyline is excellent, it’s too short.

Baron’s promise to bring players what they want is completely inconsistent with 343’s behavior.

as the first anniversary endless’As launch approaches​​​, the game’s original promise has been lost in a sea of ​​missing or broken features.Microsoft

This reverse analysis Halo Infinite is a good game. At least, it was at launch. The story feels like a throwback to the franchise, with the open world a new addition that breathes life into a franchise that has struggled to find its footing since 343 took over development from Bungie.

but halo Always known for its multiplayer scene.so many memories halo It’s wielding energy swords at friends and driving vehicles off ramps. halo‘s multiplayer game feels cluttered and fun.The most successful first-person shooter at the moment is Battle Royale Fortnite or team shooters, e.g. brave – but they are all field service games.

Halo InfiniteAttempts to incorporate a live service model failed miserably due to 343’s mishandling of content updates and new game modes. Battle Pass is one of the most standard features of live-service games, and it doesn’t even work properly when it launches.Despite rave reviews at launch (we gave it a 10/10), a year has passed Halo InfiniteWhether a new developer needs to take over the franchise or ditch the live service model, one thing is clear: something needs to change. But are things going in the right direction?

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