June 4, 2023

TuneIn is one of the biggest and best radio streaming apps on the market for iOS and Android. While the app is free and allows access to over 100,000 radio stations and millions of podcasts, you can buy a subscription that lets you listen to more on the go. TuneIn Premium normally costs $10 per month, but now you can get it Get a one-year subscription through GameSpot Deals for just $40.

TuneIn Premium is especially suitable for sports fans as it gives you access to every broadcast of MLB and NHL games. Additionally, it includes some college football and basketball games as well as big games across multiple leagues. To complement game-by-game coverage, TuneIn Premium comes with sports commentary, such as ESPN broadcasts and podcasts centered on a variety of sports.

Outside of sports, you get a ton of ad-free music stations covering all major music genres. If you want to listen to the news, you also have access to radio broadcasts from all the major networks in the US.

TuneIn Radio has received good reviews iOS and android From GameSpot’s sister site, CNET.

While those unfamiliar with TuneIn might want to opt for a one-year subscription for $40, you can get a better deal on a multi-year membership. A three-year subscription to TuneIn Premium costs $100 ($33/year), while a five-year membership costs just $160 ($32/year).

Editor’s Note: Article updated on September 6, 2022

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