March 24, 2023

Russia’s decision to close the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to the European Union sent gas prices soaring 35 percent.

For the general European public, the situation is only going to get worse, after Russia announced it would not reopen its Nord Stream 1 pipeline late last week for alleged maintenance Prices surged 35%.

Analysts said the move further raised the possibility that EU countries would be forced to impose draconian measures to limit their dwindling gas supplies, while Iran appeared to see Russia’s decision as an opportunity to start supplying Europe with its own gas reserves. hydrocarbon.

according to a Report go through Le MondeNatural gas futures surged 35% on Monday morning amid the shutdown of Nord Stream 1, and analysts at U.S. investment bank JPMorgan said a sudden shortfall in European gas supplies would force lawmakers to take drastic measures.

“Given the tight supply of natural gas, mandatory gas curbs for non-essential industries, or even a ‘rolling cut’ this winter depending on weather conditions, cannot be ruled out,” Bloomberg News Report An analyst at the bank said so.

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs predicts that prices on the African continent may now finally break above the all-time highs previously set in August, far from good news for governments and the public hoping they can make a breakthrough in European equities. The near future, as the cost of living crisis spreads.

As Europe’s energy outlook has grown bleaker this winter, some parties have begun to look for business opportunities that could give them economic gain and political influence on the troubled continent.

One of these potential economic adventurers appears to be Iran, the authoritarian state that reportedly statement On Monday, it now hopes to start supplying gas to European countries, which could be extremely lucrative for Middle Eastern nations.

“As we all know, we have the necessary gas reserves and potential to meet European needs in this area as well,” Le Monde According to Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani.

However, the local Iranian state-run news agency Fars Report Such an arrangement would only be possible if sanctions on Iran were lifted, the official said.

“In the shadow of the crisis in Ukraine and the problems Europe faces in terms of energy supply, if negotiations are successful and unilateral and illegal sanctions on Iran are lifted, the Islamic Republic of Iran can supply much of Europe’s energy needs, especially in terms of resources, “The spokesman reportedly said.

“We want an agreement in which Iran will be able to play a more effective role in providing the energy the world and European countries need,” he continued.

Khanani reportedly excused the attempted murder of award-winning author Salman Rushdie, whom Iran’s former supreme leader called for his assassination as early as 1989.

“By insulting the sacred affairs of Islam and crossing the red line of over 1.5 billion Muslims and followers of all holy religions, Salman Rushdie has exposed himself to the wrath and anger of the people,” the foreign spokeswoman said. said while claiming that there was no addition to “[Rushdie] and his supporters”.

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