March 25, 2023

Our Destiny 2 King’s Fall Raid guide covers the return of the historic Raid for Season 18, which originally debuted in the original game. The goal here is to beat Oryx, The Taken King, and while you might consider yourself an expert if you beat the original, this new iteration has some improved mechanics and changes that make even the most experienced players of this FPS game will also be eliminated.

Before getting started, check out our Arc 3.0, Solar 3.0, and Void 3.0 guides to help define your character build. Damage resistance is one of the most important aspects of this team, so a solar build like Warlock Dawnblade’s Well of Radiance, or a Titan Sunbreaker build with the Sol Invictus aspect might be your best bet.It’s also worth noting that some of the strategies in this Destiny 2 Fall of the King raid guide are from expert players Dato and fallout drama.

Destiny 2 King's Fall Raid Guide: A team of Guardians begins their raid.

Opening: Hall of Souls

In this encounter, your team must place two orbs in each of the six statues, and both must be placed simultaneously within the time limit displayed on the screens of both players. For this task, divide your team into three groups of two or two groups of three. You’ll find these orbs through an open door, but be sure to communicate so you can grab them in sync with your teammates.

As you progress through the corkscrew, your team will place one to the left and right of each totem. One player in each group will run the orb for each statute, while the others clear their ads.

Then, clear the jumping puzzle, which is tricky and requires a fair amount of patience, but how to do it is pretty straightforward.

Destiny 2 King's Fall Raid Guide: Guardians begins the platforming puzzle.

First Encounter: Totem

The goal of this encounter is to infuse the power of the Death Song into the center plate. There are three rooms: one on the left, one in the middle, and one on the right. Annihilator Totems are located in the left and right rooms, and there must always be a player standing on each plate below them to prevent them from exploding.

Divide the team into two groups of three. The idea here is to rotate roles, as one will gain the powers of Death Song, one will store their powers, and one will work on the brand claimant buffs. Like a relay race, players basically cycle through each station. Make sure to run the loop on both sides.

You must have the Brand Claimant buff to transfer power between players. To do this, the first player must kill the wizard on the balcony of the central room. After killing this wizard, a blight ward will appear, which will drop buffs.

Each room has its own unique buff known as Weaver’s Brand and Demolisher’s Brand. These protect your players from damage in rooms, but players need to stand on small plates in these rooms to gain buffs. After that, you can stand on the board without getting hurt. The one with the Brand Claimer buff can disarm them and reset the timer by picking up their buff, while the other goes on to dunk Deathsinger’s Power. This must be done while killing an ad while holding either the Weaver’s Brand or the Demolisher’s Brand. That player will then kill the wizard who will spawn the Blight Guard, and the cycle will start again until the team has dumped enough Death Song power.

Second Encounter: War Priest

Divide your team into three groups of two. After removing some ads, you’ll see a note that says “glyph reading sequence has begun”. When a player is standing on the center board, they can see if any of the totems light up. If neither, the center totem is considered lit. The player should call out the lit totem, and then another player should step on that plate accordingly (unless it’s the center totem, where the player can stand by himself). Then, the player who stepped on the called board calls out which of the two totems will light up next. The other player should step on that plate. A third player can then step onto the final totem board.

After killing the Blight Guards for the Brand Claimer buff, the final player will receive a buff called Brand of the Initiate. Brand Claimer buffs allow the player to steal the Initiate buff’s Brand, resetting its timer. Cycle between two players. To deal damage to the War Priest, all players must stay within the Recruit’s Brand buff. When the damage phase is over and the war priest is nearly defeated, the player must hide in one of the three totems to avoid death.

Third Encounter: Gorgoros

Divide your team into two players who will catch Gorgoros’ attention and four damage dealers. The player who grabs his attention lets other players hurt his vital part, his stomach. The player must stand in the pool of regenerating light from the sphere on the ceiling in order to effectively damage Gorgoros. One player grabs his attention by shooting him, taunting him to make sure they’re the only recipients of “Gergoros Gaze”. Damage dealers can then shoot critical hits. The Pool of Regenerating Light will only last for a short time, and players should also be aware of the Unstable Light debuff, which will cause the player who owns it to explode. The player will not die, but nearby teammates will, so if the player notices this debuff, they should leave.

The two players assigned to his gaze should alternate until the team deals enough damage to kill him. Also, keep an eye out for the Destruction Tablets that collect unused Orbs. When the max is reached, it will be a team kill.

Destiny 2 King's Fall Raid Guide: Golgoroth, a menacing beast.

Fourth Encounter: Daughters of the Antelope

The encounter is divided into two-minute segments. After two minutes, the player must have the Brand Aura buff to defend against the Daughters’ Obliteration Attack. To do this, you must steal three pieces of Blight Ward.

The two daughters will be at the center. Divide the room into four quadrants and assign each quadrant a player and a corresponding plate with two wanderers.

Start the encounter by finding the plate with the knight and the green flame. The player assigned to that plate should jump on it. Random players will be torn between dimensions and should join the players on that plate. The torn player will see a light above the other plate, which they should call out so the player assigned to that quadrant can stand on it. By doing this, the torn player will have a path to the sphere. Repeat the process twice by having the player stand on the next glowing green platform.

The third time, the player should look at the daughter, determine which one isn’t glowing, and snap the orb into her platform.

This means it’s time to damage them, but the player also gains the Immortality Aura. The aura makes the player who owns it and those nearby immune to damage from their singing. So the team can now pull together to DPS the daughters. Plus, it prevents wiping for two minutes. If you are not a single-phase daughter, you must replace the daughter from which you picked up the aura in the next round.

How to Defeat the Oryx, the Captured King

For this encounter, again assign team members to each platform and designate two rovers. Kill the ad until Oryx puts his hand on the plate. Similar to previous encounters, one player is torn apart and encounters another player on a glowing plate to find the next plate, where they can pick up a blight guard.

However, one big difference is that once the player has acquired a blight ward, the board will catch fire, so any player standing on the board will need to dodge dodges. Try to kill the ogres first, as they will drop the picked plague. You’ll need these to deal with, so kill the Light Eater Knights to stop them from eating the bombs.

After collecting the second Blight Ward, the Antelope Vessel will appear. The person in charge of the third blight ward should use the brand claimant to steal the container’s shield, which you will get using the blight ward part, and also grant the immortality aura. Because you need Taken blights to kill Oryx, kill Vessel as soon as possible after you steal the shield.

When Oryx summons the darkness to kill you, you will see “Oryx summons the darkness” in your feed and the player should stand in the blight bomb until they see their name in the bottom left corner. These bombs will explode and every player should return to the Immortal Aura.To make sure all bombs in the room are covered, assign players to areas (L1, L2, R1 and R2 work, but you can choose hamburger callout if you are willing to). After the bomb explodes, you can attack Oryx’s chest as it is vulnerable.

Destiny 2 King's Fall Raid Guide: Oryx, The Taken King.

After each attack, Oryx does one of two things. Either he will summon a huge orb in the middle of the room where the player has to fight Shades of Oryx, which the player should destroy as soon as possible, or he will push the arena away and bombard the player with a Taken blast. To avoid these, walk around constantly.

Once you’ve dealt enough damage to Oryx, the final damage phase begins. When Oryx reaches the front of the room, an ogre will spawn on the right front panel and drop a bomb. After a while, the left front panel ogres will spawn and drop bombs. After your team kills the second ogre, Oryx will summon the darkness. One player on each side must stun Oryx using the previous process, while all other players shoot at him to kill him. If you fail to kill him before his last attack, you have to start the whole fight all over again.

Here’s everything you need to know to complete the revamped Fall of the King. If you can’t get enough of Destiny, check out everything we know about Destiny 2 Lightfall’s release date to find out what to expect in Destiny 2’s eighth year.

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