March 25, 2023

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launches next month, but you can still try out multiplayer early by participating in the game’s beta. This will launch soon, especially if you pre-ordered the game, and then it will launch soon for everyone else. Once the game’s release date arrives, you’ll be able to play both multiplayer and a campaign featuring characters like Soap and Captain Price.

Modern Warfare 2 MP beta platforms and dates

Activision has announced that the multiplayer beta of Modern Warfare 2 will be available to everyone, regardless of platform, and whether you pre-ordered the game or not. However, PlayStation users will get access to the beta first, and those who pre-order the game will also get early access.

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The beta begins on September 16, with an early access period for pre-orders, before opening to all PlayStation members from September 18 to 20. Xbox and PC players can take part in the second weekend, starting September 22, with pre-orders available. Finally, the multiplayer beta of Modern Warfare 2 will be available to all players the last weekend of September 24-26.

  • PlayStation Early Access: September 16-17
  • All PlayStation Access: September 18-20
  • All Platforms Pre-Order Access: September 22-23
  • Open beta for everyone: September 24-26

How to Play MP Beta

If you’re on an Xbox, PlayStation or PC, all you need to do is find the beta in your platform’s store and download it. The beta version will be completely free. It’s worth noting that Call of Duty PC players will still be able to play on the usual launcher, but Modern Warfare 2 will now offer the option to play on Steam.

What’s Included in the MP Beta

Activision is slowly revealing a selection of multiplayer maps available in beta. So far, Farm 18 and the Marina Bay Grand Prix have been announced. You can get a first look at the Marina Bay Grand Prix map here, and Infinity Ward has provided a video of a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Farm 18.

As previously announced by Infinity Ward, all of Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer maps are designed for traditional 6v6 matches.

Pre-ordered event early access

Additionally, as a pre-order bonus, players can also get early access to the Modern Warfare 2 campaign. Activision has announced that starting October 20, everyone who pre-orders Modern Warfare 2 digitally will have their first access to the game’s campaign “a week early.”

Be sure to read our breakdown of everything you know about Modern Warfare 2. Warzone is also getting a sequel this year, and here we’re highlighting all the details and rumors about Warzone 2. More information on both games is planned during Activision’s upcoming conference call at the next duty event on September 15.

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