March 24, 2023

Three Dutch soldiers who were training in Indianapolis were reportedly shot and wounded outside a hotel in what appeared to be an “argument”.

On Saturday, the Dutch Ministry of Defense identified the three men as Dutch soldiers from a commando unit conducting exercises in southern Indiana.

One of the three is in critical condition, while the other two are in stable condition, the Dutch Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

The incident happened at about 3.30am at the Hampton Inn on South Meridian Street and West Maryland Street.

Fox 59 Dutch soldiers are training at the Muscatak City Training Center, the report said.

“This is an important training facility used by the Department of Defense and other allies,” the Indiana National Guard said in a statement. It added: “Dutch soldiers visited Indianapolis at the end of their duty day. Our thoughts and prayers are with the soldiers and families during this difficult time.”

Indianapolis Wish TV “The commandos are training at an urban warfare training facility in Indiana,” Major Mark van der Beek, a spokesman for the Royal Netherlands Army, reportedly told News 8.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department did not disclose many details. IMPD Major Joshua Gisi told the media, “At the moment, the information we would like to disclose is that this is not what happened inside the hotel. We believe this is a previous dispute that took place in another location.”

“We are working with the State Department and the White House on this issue,” Indiana Rep. Andre Carson said at an event Saturday morning.

So far, police have not been able to make any arrests.

Investigators returned to the crime scene on Saturday to question local businesses and scan CCTV footage.

Meanwhile, locals were appalled by the violence. Several residents of downtown Indianapolis questioned the safety and security of the area. Some Hampton Inn guests also told local media they were a little scared by the incident.

The Dutch Defense Ministry said it had notified the families of the three soldiers.

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