April 1, 2023

It’s that time again when we need to use limited-time currency to upgrade a row of boxes full of upgrades for the new Destiny 2 season. Exciting!

Although I hope they make some changes to the concept in future seasons, so it’s different every time, this one is a little bit different because we hired a pirate crew in “Season of Plunder,” which was interesting, although I was in operating under people’s minds perhaps Looking to focus on crafting all of this season’s weapons with deep vision frames, these upgrades will help make that happen.

With that goal in mind, here’s my order to upgrade your pirate crew, it looks like there may be two upgrades available per week. If I skip a node, I don’t think it has that high priority. Also, you have to do all of this to get the Scallywag seasonal title.

1. Hire Sniper Halsiks – I think he’s the best because adding precision damage makes enemies in the area where you can summon him burn very fast.

2. Floating debris – This increases the chance of looting loot at the end of Ketchcrash.it is all Loot, including armor, but if you’re lucky, you can get a Deepsight weapon.

3. Hire Skiffblades – I think hiring a second crew member is probably the right move since you need to do one more thing to move on to the next more valuable row.

4. Weapon Treasure Map – Now that we’re talking, you can now get guaranteed weapon drops at the end of your expedition.

5. Key weapon loot – This is where we can start focusing on weapons with Umbrals, although I recommend waiting until you get some later Umbral power upgrades before going crazy.

6. First Mate Halsix – Upgrade your sniper to charge your grenades too.

7. Magnetic Drill – Now has a better chance of getting loot from expeditions

8. Hidden compartments – This guarantees a weekly deepsight weapon for Ketchcrash

9. Hire SCUR-V – All the way back to hire the last crew member

10. Precision mapping – Get more shadow energy from the treasure map

11. Double Shadow Energy Diagram – then get double Shadow energy from expeditions. Now is the time when you can really focus.

12. Plundering windfalls— This gives you Umbral energy in playlist activities that you know will run no matter what.

13. The rumored treasure map – Well, I don’t actually know what this is, but it should be fine if it’s in the last row.

So, that’s the order I’m going to, uh, the first seven weeks here, I guess, unless they give us more reputation and spend more than two a week. Unlike last season, merchant rankings have no currency, at least in the first set of rewards here.

If I knew anything else of particular value, I might change this, but here’s what I’m going to do now. enjoy.

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