June 4, 2023

Spain’s populist party VOX has vowed to challenge the newly passed energy decree in Spain’s Constitutional Court, claiming it violates the rights of Spaniards.

The party’s intention to appeal the energy decree was confirmed by VOX leader Santiago Abascal after it was initially announced in an interview by the party’s secretary general, Javier Ortega Smith.

According to Abascal, Spain’s leftist government “is bent on destroying” Spain.He also said the government continued to be “wasteful and unsafe,” the newspaper said. debate Report.

Mr Ortega Smith had previously spoken to the paper in March about the energy decree, saying it was unlawful and “restricted fundamental rights and freedoms”.

The new energy ordinance will require air conditioning to be no lower than 27 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit) in summer and 19 degrees Celsius (66 degrees Fahrenheit) for heating in winter. save energy.

The confirmation of the appeal to the Constitutional Court comes a few weeks after VOX in the region of Castile and Leon, part of the regional coalition government, wrote a letter threatening to take the matter to court, arguing that the The decree violates the rights of the Spanish local government.

The letter urged the Council of Ministers to “immediately adopt policies to reduce our now growing energy dependence”, while Castile and Leon Culture Minister Gonzalo Santonia urged the government to allow more energy exploration in Spain and mining.

Energy prices across Europe are expected to rise sharply in the coming months, with gas prices approaching record highs this week amid fears of a lack of supply from Russian pipelines.

Analyst Susannah Streeter said this week: “Gas is rising again with unstoppable momentum, a dramatic move that will exacerbate the energy crisis.”

“Energy-saving plans are in place that will darken streets across Germany and make public buildings cooler, but given the dwindling gas reserves, tougher measures may have to be taken,” Streeter added.

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