March 25, 2023

An Irish MP has warned there could be a “major conflict” between migrants and Irish citizens.

An Irish MP has warned that a “major conflict” between Irish immigrants and citizenship is now a possibility in the future.

Progressive-obsessed Irish government takes in tens of thousands of immigrants it is said Migrants from Ukraine and beyond this year, officials now plan to spend more than 1 billion euros on immigrants in the country this year — more than 1 percent of the country’s 2021 tax revenue.

according to a Report Depend on Irish independencePatricia Ryan, a parliamentary politician for the left-wing nationalist Sinn Fein party, has written to more than 500 households in her constituency, warning the government will settle migrants in the area before developing social housing for locals , which could have serious consequences. intense situation.

The decision to build a modular home it is said The arrival of Ukrainians in the region – reportedly with little consultation with locals – mirrors previous examples of the Irish government transporting large numbers of foreign migrants to a location, whether or not citizens of the region were satisfied with the move.

“There are concerns that increasing homelessness and pending evictions could spark conflict in areas where modular units are proposed,” Ryan said, in particular warning of how the government’s action could further push Ireland’s so-called “extremely high” right wing”.

“If the process is poorly managed and local representatives are not heard, there is a high chance of a major conflict with the host community, which in turn could be exploited by small elements of the far right,” Sinn Fein TD continued Say.

Ryan’s warning comes amid further public outrage at the ultra-progressive immigration platform promoted by the country’s ruling politicians, who have taken in tens of thousands of ostensibly Ukrainian refugees this year after pledging to take care of an unlimited number of refugees from the region. refugees.

Such commitments appear to have led to an unprecedented surge in immigration, with Ireland – despite being one of the EU member states furthest from Ukraine – currently third in the EU in terms of immigration per capita

The number of non-Ukrainian migrants seeking asylum in the country has also nearly tripled from last year.

While politicians find it easy to commit to taking in migrants, actually caring for them is another matter entirely, and the refugee infrastructure in this small European country is now all but crumbling under the weight of the new arrivals.

Ultimately, Irish authorities now plan to spend more than 1 billion euros on migrants this year at a time when those already in the country suffer from a chronic lack of available housing, as well as a cost of living and energy crisis.

“As demand for housing and rents has increased, the government has sent teams to find more migrants,” Irish Liberal Party chairman Herman Kelly previously told Breitbart Europe, condemning the planned spending as “outrageous”.

“It’s false madness,” he continued. “Irish is overcrowded and we have nowhere to put these people.”

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