April 2, 2023

This week, HBO’s announcement that it’s renewing “House of the Dragon” for season 2 isn’t a shocker, but that may have pushed the announcement higher after the show provided the channel with some record-breaking premiere numbers. . There’s no need to wait and see with such a strong start.

The show also seems to please critics and fans alike.One 83% Comment Score, 85% Viewer Score and IMDB 8.9/10 After the burnt bridge in Game of Thrones season 8, as high as I expected, in fact That Gao said the show did do something here. Depending on who you ask, this thing could dump David Benioff and DB Weiss and bring back George RR Martin for a consultation.

Some people rolled their eyes when Martin made comments last week about Game of Thrones going into Marvel/Star Wars mode. But this is not a joke, and it is not unthinkable to start with the strength of the Dragon Family. WB/HBO Very A lot of people want their own equivalent of what Disney Plus has, and the fact that DC is in disarray and Harry Potter is pariah makes Game of Thrones a pivotal mega-franchise.

There are multiple Game of Thrones titles spanning every part of the A Song of Ice and Fire timeline, most of which are based in some form on Martin’s work. The most controversial project is the “Snow” series by Kit Harrington, who will return as Jon Snow after the events of the main series, has no Martin source material to draw from, and will is the only show original that actually continues the plot, not a prequel to a specific era. But Martin also appears to be involved.

As for House of the Dragons, the most common comment I’ve seen of the show is that it feels like a Game of Thrones season 1, full of palace intrigue, rather than getting lost in a giant battle. It also has a significantly streamlined cast and set of locations, which, at least so far, shatters the formula of decentralization, spreading its characters into the wind. This is a more focused story.

What I’m really curious about is the season 2 concept. I’ve heard the showrunners talk before about House of the Dragons being a potential Targaryen anthology series, so maybe season 2 won’t follow these same characters again, but move backwards or forward to a new set in time . If you spend an entire season getting to know a very specific cast, that might push its luck, but we’ll see what they do. Regardless, it’s a good start for the concept of sharing the Game of Thrones universe across multiple shows, and it manages to make everyone forget about the original, terrifying Game of Thrones ending for a while.

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