March 25, 2023

Your router is responsible for sending the Wi-Fi signal to your phone, laptop, smart TV, security camera, and more. It has a big job.

Sometimes this is the reason for your unstable internet connection, but not always. Tap or click my guide to fix your bad Wi-Fi.

Your router also plays a vital role in network security. If someone hacks your router, that’s bad news. Tap or click for a free check to see if yours has been compromised.

No matter how you take care of it, there are limits to what an old router can do. Do you need a new router? Read on to learn about and help you choose the right product for your home.

Your old router is easier to hack

Your router might do a good job of keeping you connected to the internet, but can it keep you safe? The latest security standard is WPA-3, released in 2018. Any router that uses WPA-2 encryption will need to be replaced.

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