June 4, 2023

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express. David Davis and Heather Johnston, both 32, have been charged with public indecency after pleading guilty to having sex while riding a Ferris wheel in Sandusky, Ohio, last Sunday.

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  • The man allegedly broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home and beat her multiple times
  • He allegedly threatened to kill his ex before fleeing the scene with their 2-year-old daughter
  • The child was safe when police found her and arrested her father on Saturday morning

Police in San Bernardino, Calif., rescued a 2-year-old girl Saturday who was kidnapped from her mother’s home by her biological father, according to authorities.

Police said the child was taken away by a suspect named Raymond Ornelas, 30, who brutally assaulted his ex-partner, the child’s mother, KTLA report.

Officers with the San Bernardino Police Department initially responded to the woman’s home with a request to report a domestic disturbance.

An unnamed witness told police at the scene that Orneras allegedly broke the window of her ex-girlfriend’s bedroom and climbed into her home.

Witnesses told authorities that after finding his ex, he allegedly attacked the woman and beat her several times before dragging her through the house by the hair.

At some point, Orneras allegedly pulled out a gun and threatened to kill his ex, but his name was not named in the report. He then grabbed their 2-year-old daughter and fled the scene.

After obtaining a search warrant, police tracked down Orneras at an undisclosed location.

SWAT officers located the girl from the residence and took Orneras into custody.

Orneras was jailed on multiple charges, including kidnapping, burglary, domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon.

The girl was not injured in the incident. Police said she was returned to her mother after being rescued.

In related news, a 6-year-old girl recently successfully foiled a kidnapping attempt while taking out the trash outside her Ohio home.

accepting”good morning america“Kenadi Nash said she immediately started screaming when a 33-year-old man named Deric McPherson grabbed and pulled her.

“He just let me go because I was screaming,” the child recalled in the interview.

The whole incident took less than 10 seconds and was captured by the doorbell camera in the child’s home. ABC News report.

Police then arrested McPherson in connection with the incident. He was charged with kidnapping and wrongful robbery.

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