March 25, 2023

Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg were supposed to testify for hours over Facebook and Cambridge Analytica’s lawsuit over the data privacy scandal, but that won’t happen now — the company has reached a settlement with the previously reported Reuters, court documents show that the two sides have reached an agreement in principle and asked for a 60-day moratorium to finalize a written agreement. Without reconciliation and stay, they will be deposed by September 20.

you can read document For yourself below, but so far there are no details on the terms of the agreement.As the company now knows, Meta declined to comment through a spokesperson, while attorneys for the plaintiffs have yet to respond to sources from edge. Still, I guess it’s worth it for Meta to stop things from going further, no matter how much it spends on VR.

Now, Zuckerberg only needs to answer Joe Rogan’s questions and talk about the new VR headset without having to swear in front of opposing lawyers about the details of what happened inside the company around the 2016 election.

The lawsuit accuses Facebook of illegally sharing user data with third parties and says the company does not adequately protect that data from misuse by bad actors. Zuckerberg faced questions from Congress in 2018 that did little to clear up the scandal or explain exactly what happened to Cambridge Analytica, a company hired by Trump’s presidential campaign that could get millions from Facebook. The company that obtained the data in the profile.

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