March 25, 2023

whatever your Android phone With Google Chrome, Firefox or Samsung Internet, your browser collects and stores data every time you surf the web. This information constitutes your cookies and cache, which help your phone quickly log into your account and load frequently visited websites.

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But this data eventually accumulates, takes up space on your phone, and may include Track your browsing history Designed to provide personalized advertising. (I’ve been watching glasses commercials since then visit some online stores Compare prices and styles, and cruise vacations after looking at some possible vacation spots. )

It doesn’t hurt to clear this data occasionally to keep your web browser lean, run efficiently, and ideally store as few tracking cookies as possible.

On Android, these steps vary slightly depending on the type of phone and web browser app you’re using, so here’s how to clear this data for Google Chrome (usually the default on many Android phones, such as google pixel OK), Samsung’s Internet browser (usually open by default Galaxy phone series) and Mozilla’s Firefox browser.You can also check out our separate guide on how to Clear cache on iPhone web browser Just in case you also have some Apple devices to clean up.

The Clear Browsing Data menu in Chrome for Android.

Screenshot by Mike Sorrentino/CNET

Google Chrome

You can delete your cookies and cache in Google Chrome for Android by first clicking more button In the upper right corner of the browser, represented by a column of three dots, then click historyThen Clear browsing data. You can also access it from Chrome set up menu, click Privacy and Security then Clear browsing data.

Chrome also provides basic and advanced clear your settings Browsing history, Cookies and Website Data and Cached images and files. you can use it time limit Drop-down menu to choose whether to delete the entire history or any selection from the past 24 hours to the past 4 weeks.tapping advanced will also allow you to delete saved password, Autofill form data and Website settings. After selecting what to delete, tap the blue clear data button. You may get additional prompts if Chrome considers certain sites to be “important” to you, and if so, you’ll have the opportunity to confirm before clearing them. Otherwise, if you don’t receive the prompt, Chrome will immediately follow your instructions to clear it.

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Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet’s “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” options.

Screenshot by Mike Sorrentino/CNET

You can clear your Samsung Internet browser’s cache and cookie data in two different ways. You can clear from the browser itself, or through your phone’s Settings app.

To clear in the Samsung Internet Browser app, first tap option button in the lower right corner represented by three horizontal lines, then set up; scroll down and click personal informationthen tap delete browsing data Get a menu of options to can clear your Browsing history, Cookies and Website Data, Cached images and files, password and Autofill forms any combination.after hitting delete dataand you’ll be prompted to confirm your choice before deleting.

The browser app itself offers the most customization of what you want to delete.However, if you want to access a similar option from your phone’s settings menu, turn on set up application and click applicationthen scroll down to and tap Samsung Internet then storage.

At the bottom of the storage you can get separate options clear cache and clear data. Eavesdropping clear cache will delete the cache immediately, but clear data A prompt pops up warning you that all of the app’s data will be permanently deleted, including files, settings, accounts, and databases. While it doesn’t specify a cookie, this “nuclearization” method should delete any remaining data, allowing you to restart the Samsung Internet Browser as if it were brand new.

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Firefox browser

As with Google Chrome, you can clear cookies and cache from the Mozilla Firefox Android app.To access this feature, click more button The right side of the address bar is also represented by three vertically aligned dots.then click set up and scroll down to delete browsing data.

The Delete Browsing Data menu in Mozilla Firefox on Android.

Screenshot by Mike Sorrentino/CNET

Of the three browsers we’ve discussed here, Firefox gives you the most options delete browsing data menu, also allows you to delete any existing open tabYour Browsing history and site data, Site permissions even your download next to the folder biscuit and Cached images and files.

While you can’t choose a time frame for Chrome, you can be more specific about the type of data to delete.

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Firefox offers an extra option for those who don’t want to keep browsing data after using the app.In the settings is a Delete browsing data on logout option, which instructs Firefox to clear any combination of these same settings every time you quit the application. This is a useful feature if you want to keep your browser clean, for example, to avoid accidentally handing over your browser history to someone who might steal or otherwise gain access to your phone.

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