June 4, 2023

Yamaha has announced that it has finally completed a firmware update that adds support for two key gaming features to its popular RX-A and RX-V AV receivers.

Available now for download from Yamaha’s MusicCast app, and soon from the various product download pages (I’ll provide these links later), the new firmware lets HDMI loop through the system on affected AVR models to handle Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and The latest consoles and PCs now support the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) feature.

ALLM enables the monitor to recognize when a console or PC is outputting a game or video source, and switch to its fast-response gaming mode accordingly. VRR support enables monitors to adjust their refresh rate as they change in-game to avoid screen tearing.

The new Yamaha update follows an update introduced in April that added support for 4K/120Hz game pass-through to many of the brand’s latest AVRS and will work on the following Yamaha models: RX-A8A, RX-A6A, RX – A4A, RX-A2A, RX-V6A, RX-V4A, TSR-700 and TSR-400. The update number is Ver. RX-A8A, RX-A6A, RX-A4A and Ver. 1.73 or later. Version 1.58 or later for RX-A2A, RX-V6A, RX-V4A, TSR-700 and TSR-400.

Of course, the new features only work if both the source and display devices connected to the AVR support ALLM and VRR. Also, for the VRR function to work properly, the HDMI video format in the setup menu needs to be set to 8K mode.

Yamaha’s note on the latest update states that activating the new feature will cause some other features to turn off. Therefore, when ALLM data is detected, the Lipsync and Video Mode menu options are no longer available, and when playing VRR, the Video Mode: Processing option is not available on the RX-A8A, RX-A6A, and RX-A4A, and the RX- The A2A, RX-V6A, RX-V4A, TSR-700 and TSR-400 no longer offer 4K upscaling options.

Below are links to individual product pages that will soon display firmware and installation information:

Click here Compatible with RX-A4A, RX-A6A and RX-A8A.

Click here Available for RX-V6A and RX-A2A.

Click here For RX-V4A.

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