March 25, 2023

The weekend is finally here! It’s the last weekend of August, which means that in another week, we’ll have just four months left in 2022. Crazy, right?

A week later, we’ll also see Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: Ring of Power The show can live up to all the hype. It does look good…but will the script reach incredible production value? That’s always been my question about these shows. Many failed to deliver on their promises.

Now, let’s tackle today’s Wordle so you can all get back to the weekend warriors!

Today’s Wordle #434 Answers, Hints, and Clues

Spoilers ahead!

hint: When you’re more of a jerk.

clue: This Wordle has two vowels.


This is my luckiest guess ever. I’m not sure if I ever narrowed Wordle down to just 11 guesses on my first try. I almost cut it in two! Alas, it wasn’t intentional.

still, wake Give me a green box and two yellow boxes with a green “R” and I just picked the first word that came to mind: ruler. I’m thinking of a school ruler, kind of a measuring stick, but it could also be a king or a tyrant, an emperor or a president.

At this point, I’m a little lost for a minute.I didn’t realize at the time that there was only one option left, and when I typed “D” into it, I thought, “Yes rude one word? ” or “more rude”? Like how to do it Interesting person Not a word, but “more interesting”. (I think Interesting person should be a word, it’s not completely arbitrary).

But it makes more sense than anything else.I am very sure Ruper Not a word.or rumor. so I guess rude and won. Shhh!

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