March 25, 2023

Turkish Vice President Fuyat Okte and Defense Minister Hulusi Akar launched a series of threats against Greece this week as tensions between the two countries remained high.

Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said on Friday that Greece should not undertake “new adventures” in the region, marking the 100th anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s 1922 attack on Greeks by Turkish troops.

“In these days as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our great victory, we make it clear to Greece that you see how painful the cost of the adventures that started a century ago. We strongly recommend that you learn from history and avoid new developments that will lead to disappointment. adventure,” he said, the newspaper Ekasimerini Report.

Following Akar, Vice-President Foyat Oktay also threatened Greece, saying: “At the turn of the century, when there is such a powerful Turkey, as it exists in the ‘blue homeland’, those who are unscrupulous and Can someone who fought illegally show the same courage? The Greeks then were as brave as they are now. Not the Greeks, and not anyone else.”

The “blue homeland” expansionist theory cited by Vice President Oktay was put forward by a Turkish admiral a few years ago Jim Goodnitz Refers to the area of ​​the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean that Greece considers part of its territory.

“Those who covet and target Turkey’s democracy, stability and interests in the region, do they really know the consequences they face?” Okte continued: “Those who are jealous inside and outside of our country will be thrown into the sea. …there’s no doubt about that.”

Tensions between Turkey and Greece have been high for years as Turkey threatened to open its gates to Europe for migrants, briefly doing so in 2020, before the coronavirus pandemic in China derailed the plan.

Recent tensions between the two NATO “allies” have revolved around natural resource exploration and Turkey’s claim that Greece is militarizing the Aegean islands.

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