March 25, 2023

A video of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury berating the government for failing to control the illegal boat immigration crisis in the English Channel has gone viral, ironically in part due to criticism of the boxer’s views.

Boxing’s immediate heavyweight champion Fury gives his thoughts on ‘thousands of immigrants’ entering the country and ‘our own people’ [are] homeless while jogging in the street” video which guardian and New York Times Contributor Karim Zidan uploaded to Twitter, claiming it was “on tour on the far right Telegram channel”.

Ironically, Zidan’s prominence of the video in a rather negative way caused it to spread further, with numerous conservative commentators such as Paul Joseph Watson covering it.

In the video, Fury complains that the UK is “letting thousands of immigrants in…but we’re leaving our own people on the streets, homeless, with nothing. They get no money, no help – you You know, what’s going on here?”

It was recently revealed that asylum seekers were given free accommodation – increasingly in hotels – and a weekly allowance of at least £39.63, as well as access to the National Health Service (NHS), free dental care and age-appropriate British taxpayers assuming children’s education 5 and 17 cost at least £2 billion a year.

It is unclear how new the video shared by Zidan is, but the issue of illegal boat migration remains a living and worsening problem for the UK.

Brexit leader Nigel Farage, who declared a “national emergency” earlier this month, brought the phenomenon into the public eye by witnessing and observing it firsthand.

“We’re letting in thousands of undocumented young men right now. They’re throwing passports, cellphones into the English Channel. We can’t trace who they are, we can’t see if they have serious criminal records, so we’re becoming an undocumented So safe country, that’s why this is an emergency now,” he lamented.

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