March 25, 2023

Truth Social, the conservative social media haven of former President Donald Trump, has been accused by a vendor of failing to pay more than $1 million in hosting fees, According to a report Fox Business Thursday.

The allegations come from Internet infrastructure company RightForge, one of Truth Social’s largest suppliers and creditors. if true, Fox Business According to reports, this indicates a “serious disarray” in the social media platform’s financial situation.

RightForge created the platform in October 2021 under an agreement to host Truth Social on its servers. The social media app, which was created after Trump was banned from Twitter following the Jan. 6 unrest, is designed to encourage “openness, freedom and honesty without political ideology,” its website says. global dialogue”. According to RightForge’s website, the company “provides hosting services for those who believe in free speech and need big tech independence.”

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Although a match made in heaven, an anonymous source at RightForge told Fox Business Truth Social has “breached its contractual monthly payments” and owes the web hosting service about $1.6 million.Anonymous sources also told Fox Business Truth Social stopped paying in March, and RightForge is planning legal action to recover the money.

While Trump is listed as the founder of Truth Social, the former president’s money and day-to-day investments are “insignificant to even nonexistent,” according to the holding company that owns the platform Trump Media and Technology Group. The current CEO of Trump Media is reported to be former California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, who has yet to comment on the allegations. Fox Business. RightForge CEO Martin Avila also declined Fox Business’ request for comment, but did not deny the allegations.

In addition to possible legal action, the report noted that Truth Social is also not making money. In a regulatory filing in May regarding a possible merger of Truth Social with media company Digital World, Fox Business reported that Truth Social was said to bring no revenue and likely not until 2023.

The news that Trump and his colleagues are not paying their bills may not come as a surprise to those familiar with his business operations — especially Trump’s blatant bragging About not paying bills. Back in 2016, usa today Listed 3,500 legal cases in which business owners and workers allege Trump failed to pay invoices. That includes his casino employees, real estate agents, and even the lawyers he has to represent him in these lawsuits, ironically.

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