April 2, 2023

Starting August 26, you can buy Samsung’s best foldable yet Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4Good news for anyone nostalgic about the way Microsoft made phones in the past: With some third-party software, you can turn your new cutting-edge foldable phone into a Windows Phone.

YouTuber Mark Spurrell came up with a setting Showcase legacy and modern Windows UI in the same device. You’ll need to download two separate third-party launchers, which are easily found in the Google Play Store. Square Home will turn the Z Fold 4’s outer display into a Microsoft Metro-designed tiled look, while Win-X Launcher turns the tablet-sized inner screen into a more modern Windows 10-style desktop look.

As Spurrell explains, the clever part is getting the two launchers to play nice together – for that, you’ll need to download the Bixby Routines app and set up the ability to switch to the Win-X launcher when you turn on the display in his in the video:

That’s all the software that’s existed before, but it’s great to see it work together to bring together Microsoft’s mobile UIs past and present, taking full advantage of the Z Fold 4’s expansive 7.6-inch internal display. Thankfully, downloading on the Google Play Store is very simple and requires no sideloading.

Granted, you’ll still have to pay over $1,800 for the Z Fold 4 to get this dual-launcher action to work, but I’m sure there are a few enthusiasts out there willing to pay Samsung in an elite company. Or maybe we could see more Windows Phone skins like Android Central on the next Surface Duo Suggest.

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