April 1, 2023

Yesterday, Netflix Announce It will cancel Resident Evil after just one season, meaning there will be no season 2, and multiple seasons of all the other Resident Evil characters the show’s producers say he has planned.

While Netflix does have a reputation for canceling too many good shows prematurely, this is…not one of those times. Resident Evil was a bad, potentially expensive show, and its cancellation was both expected and justified.

High viewing time, low budget, rave reviews. Pick two of them, maybe you can renew at a place like Netflix (emphasis on viewing hours). But you can’t live without them.resident Evil briefly It was at the top of the service’s charts, but quickly dropped off as people either didn’t finish the series or told others not to watch it.

It scored low on both critics and Fans (which have some of the worst viewer ratings of any Netflix show I’ve seen) are increasingly rare in an age when we usually see them disagree. On top of that, with its zombies and monsters, Resident Evil seems to have a sizable budget, which probably signed its death warrant more than anything.

For Resident Evil fans and the general audience alike, it was a poor show. For RE fans, the show twists the source material in truly bizarre ways to concoct this all-new story about a mild-mannered Albert Wesker living in New Raccoon City with his two daughters. Despite Lance Reddick’s best efforts as Wesker, the whole concept didn’t work, and no one really understood why they were so far away from the source material while barely capturing the surprise that made the Milla Jovovich film The sensational comedy.

From the script to the overall concept, the show has had no effect other than Redick. However, according to showrunner Andrew Dabb, there are big plans to complete the entire Resident Evil canon in the coming seasons:

“Over the course of the series, I wanted to bring everything in. Left to my own devices, I wanted Lady D, I wanted Plant Monster, I wanted everything. I wanted everything, but wisely [and] Responsible over time. “

Of course, the show ends on suspense, with the past and present storylines unresolved, and teasing that Ada Wong will appear in season 2. Now she won’t.

The process of adapting video games remains a very tricky prospect. It’s no longer a doomed disaster, as we’ve seen the likes of Sonic movies and Arcane come a long way. But the scope is wide. Resident Evil could be on one end (the bad end) of the spectrum. Paramount’s halo is closer to the middle. I expect HBO’s The Last of Us to be actually pretty good, based on what we’ve seen and who made it.

So yes, sometimes Netflix cancellations are totally justified. And for Resident Evil, this is one of them.

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