March 24, 2023

Border Patrol agents in Tucson have rescued an infant and a toddler after human smugglers abandoned them in the desert. Authorities say smugglers left babies in the desert to die.

Tucson District Chief Patrol Agent John Modlin tweeted a report showing agents had to provide emergency medical care to an infant and a toddler who were in The Sonoran Desert Mountains await death.

“Yesterday smugglers left a baby and a toddler to die in the Sonoran Desert,” Chief Magdalen said. “It’s brutal. And it’s heartbreaking.”

After smugglers left the children behind, agents found them in the Sonoran Desert. The infants were 4 and 18 months old, Modlin reported.

When the agents arrived, the baby was unresponsive, the head of the department said. Agents provided emergency medical care to bring the little girl to life.

“The ruthlessness of the smugglers cannot be underestimated,” he said.

Two abandoned babies have been rescued shortly after three children drowned in Rio Grande, Texas, reports Breitbart, Texas. A toddler and a 5-year-old drowned during a border crossing at Eagle Pass and El Paso on Monday.

The three-month-old brother of the toddler killed in the Eagle Pass incident has died days after the crossing. The parents of all three children survived.

Fernando Garcia, founder and executive director of the Human Rights Frontier Network, said the El Paso drowning came after 20 other migrants drowned in June and July — right in El Paso, New York Post report.

You didn’t see the outcry in the US – why did the child have to die? ‘ Garcia told the newspaper.

Arizona Border Patrol officials did not disclose the nationalities of the two abandoned babies or any information about their parents.

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