June 4, 2023

  • Georgia prosecutors investigating Trump have asked Mark Meadows to testify.
  • Fanny Willis ordered Trump’s former chief of staff to testify next month.
  • Willis is investigating Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

The Georgia district attorney, who is investigating former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election, has asked a grand jury for testimony from former chief of staff Mark Meadows.

According to court records filed on August 25 and politicians get.

According to court documents, Meadows was ordered to testify on charges of promoting “voter fraud” after the presidential election, as well as on a January 2021 dispute with Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. Find the phone for “11,780 votes”.

This comes during a Jan. 6 committee hearing as members of the House of Representatives investigate the congressional unrest in the U.S. Capitol as Congress approves the election. In June, Meadows’ former aide Cassidy Hutchinson gave shocking testimony at a House hearing about Trump’s conduct in connection with the attacks.

During the two-hour hearing, Hutchinson’s revelations about that day came crashing down in Trump world. These included Meadows telling Hutchinson on Jan. 6 that “things could get very, very bad” that Trump knew his supporters were armed when they flooded the Oval for his “Stop the Stealing” rally, Trump says ‘Mike deserves it’ as thugs chant ‘Hang Mike Pence’

Earlier this month, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner argued that Meadows would soon turn around and ultimately “push Trump out of office.”

Politico reported that staunch Trump allies retired Army Colonel James Waldron and Trump lawyer Sidney Powell were also asked to appear next month.

According to Insider’s Camila DeChalus and Warren Roja, the House Jan. 6 committee has subpoenaed Meadows, Powell and Waldren to share information related to the congressional riots.

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