April 1, 2023

An Italian pollster said trends suggested left-wing parties would be unable to close the gap with the centre-right coalition, which has a lead of around 20 percentage points in the polls.

Youtrend’s Lorenzo Pregliasco claimed that the wide gap between the right-wing populist coalition and left-wing parties was unlikely to reverse before next month’s national elections.

Referring to single-name seats, where candidates are directly elected in a single-member district, rather than drawn from a list of candidates, Pregliasco said: “The gap between the two coalitions is in single-name seats. [seats] So the centre-right can easily play the ball,” Il Jonale Report.

According to the pollster, Giorgia Meloni, who leads the Italian Brothers (FdI) in many national polls, holds “a card in hand where the only risk is to get the game wrong.”

During the early campaign so far, Ms Meloni has kept a relatively low profile, a strategy that appears to have paid off in recent polls, such as one released on August 20 showing that her FdI party 4.5% lead Left-wing Democrats (PD).

Overseas, however, Meloni make headlines A video that allegedly showed a Ukrainian woman being raped by an African immigrant in broad daylight was recently posted on social media, and the Twitter post was later deleted by the social media platform.

Meloni has also been associated with fascism by the English-speaking media and has been described as “post-fascist” – she wrote in an interview and This audience Magazine published earlier this month.

“When we founded the Italian Brotherhood, we established it as center-right, with our heads held high. When I am something, I declare it. I never hide. If I am a fascist, I will say I am a fascist On the contrary, I never talk about fascism because I am not a fascist,” she told the magazine.

Melloni, however, is socially conservative and has been outspoken on issues such as abortion put on label And has been described as a “failure” – but she made no promises to change Italy’s abortion laws.

Her two coalition allies, Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi, both paved the way for Meloni to become Italy’s next prime minister – which would make her the first woman in the country’s history Prime Minister.

Some forecasts predict the right-wing populist coalition could win as much as 60 percent of parliamentary seats next month.

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