June 4, 2023

After the 49ers opted to move past veteran signal-caller Jimmy Garoppolo with second-year quarterback Trey Lance last season, there was little movement in San Francisco as they continued Seeking a trade for their former starting quarterback.

Garoppolo underwent shoulder surgery earlier in the offseason and has since been recovering in hopes of finding his next opportunity. While the 49ers have been looking for a new home with Garoppolo and his representatives, things have been quiet on the trade front.

“Jimmy Garoppolo of the San Francisco 49ers, obviously he’s not their quarterback of the future, and they’ve made it very clear that it’s going to be the quarterback,” NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport starts.

“Can the 49ers trade him and his $200,000-plus salary? My understanding is that as of now, a trade partner without an injured quarterback doesn’t exist. 49ers option, they’ve made it very clear With this in mind, including most recently through GM John Lynch’s comments last night, the options are either to cut him or somehow keep him on the roster. We’ll see where they end up, but the answer has to come soon will come,” Rapoport added.

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