March 24, 2023

Two Iranian brothers will face trial for accusing a man of acting as a mole in Sweden’s security police and military intelligence.

The brothers, who were born in Iran but came to Sweden as children in 1994, are accused of spying March 2011 until their arrest last September and November, but it is unclear whether they passed the information on to Iranian intelligence or any other party.

The older brother of the pair is said to have worked as an investigator and worked for the Security Police (SAPO), as well as for military intelligence and the Swedish Special Acquisitions Office (KSI). most secretive intelligence agencies, newspapers express delivery Report.

According to the newspaper, the man is sought after by many intelligence agencies because, in addition to his existing investigator skills, he also speaks Farsi.

Meanwhile, the younger brother worked at SAPO for a while, but it is not clear if the brothers worked at the Public Security Bureau in the same period.

Little is known about the details of the investigation, as prosecutors Per Lindqvist and Mats Ljungqvist had little comment on the substance of the charges.

Prosecutors and the brothers’ lawyers have both been summoned to a Stockholm court to confirm the couple will face trial on espionage charges. A member of the Swedish Armed Forces, codenamed FM 019, also attended the hearing, said to be linked to the older brother’s activities.

Both brothers have denied the charges against them. The brothers are currently being held in isolation and are not allowed to watch any news broadcasts or read newspapers.

Formal charges are expected to be laid against the couple in the coming months; the trial will not be open to the public.

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