March 25, 2023

bet is It’s not just on Wall Street anymore – they’re in your group chats, book clubs, and the awkward shuffle that happens when everyone tries to get out of the door at the same time when class is over.

Community investment clubs are nothing new, but a newfound interest in decentralization and the glittering — albeit a hangover now — lure to get to the bottom of the rocket ship project has sparked a new wave of efforts around group investing.

Individualism is out. Collectivism prevails.

The game (won’t) stop

The meme craze of 2021 highlights a key trend – people wanting to invest in the beliefs of the community behind them.It’s hard to assess exactly how many retail investors (aka ordinary people) are starting to invest for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic, but there is one Schwab Research Estimates 15% of investors who participated in the market in 2021 entered the market for the first time in 2020.

Outperforming the market requires differentiated thinking, which is often a lonely pursuit. But humans are social animals, and money and investments can be scary.

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