April 1, 2023

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Google is all about creating the future. From building advertising channels to navigating artificial intelligence, the tech giant can do almost anything. But there is one aspect of Google that is often overlooked: They also created their own programming language.


Google Go is one of the many programming languages ​​in the world today, but it’s the only one invented by Google engineers to facilitate coding on the web.if you want Learn Google GoThe Complete Google Go Programming Language for Beginners Course is the perfect place to start.

This four-hour course is designed for absolute beginners to Go, but those with a little programming background. This course is taught by Integrity Training (4.2/5 stars instructor rating), an online training organization that has helped over 1 million students learn new skills over the past 20 years.

Go is an open-source programming language developed and used by Google for a wide range of uses. It is somewhat similar to C and C++, making it easier for those with programming experience to learn.

In this course, you’ll learn Go basics and see how to apply them to real-world scenarios.You can Broaden your understanding of programming fundamentals And build stronger fundamentals for more advanced languages. Throughout the course, you’ll use the Lite IDE, an open-source integrated development environment used in conjunction with Go, to write code. By the end of the course, you’ll have a working knowledge of Go that will look great on a resume and help you develop your future programming skills.

If you want to learn to code, why not start with the language of one of the largest tech companies in the world?Now you can sign up Google Go programming language course for beginners Just $13.99.

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