March 24, 2023

Last time we had to go through a weird Destiny 2 community challenge to unlock the Solar 3.0 shards, but this time, it looks like four were disabled, either because they thought they might cause trouble in the King’s Fall raid match, or Bungie just trying to save something as a reward when it’s done.

Here are four new Arc 3.0 shards that you still need to unlock in Ikora, 25,000 shimmer per shard for a total of 100,000 shimmer.yes, that’s it each character. So start farming some cash.

Amplitude Spark – Quickly defeating a target while you’re amplified creates an orb of energy

In addition to normal sources like weapon kills and super-spawn orbs, you can also use it to power fully charged buildings. Given how often you’re amplified in Arc 3.0, that’s probably a whole bunch of spheres.

Ionic Spark – Defeating a bumpy target creates an ionic trail

This is easily the one I’m most looking forward to in my warlock build, with its flimsy tomb and fallen sun star helmet. Tombs vibrate enemies and create trails themselves, so this looks like more trails that are being pushed by Sunstar. Excellent.

Feedback Spark – Taking melee damage increases melee damage, +10 toughness

There’s a ton of melee-focused builds in Arc 3.0, including the cheater’s handshake I did on the hunter. This also has a very, very coveted +10 toughness bonus, the only one in the series.

Spark of Brilliance – Defeating a blinded target with precision damage causes a blinding explosion, +10 Intellect

This seems to me the most. I didn’t notice all the cases where I was blinding the enemy all the time. Shaking the enemy is one way, the more common way. So you blind them and then need to kill them with precise damage to create another blinding explosion. I guess this could eventually lead to links, but for now, this is the one I think I’ll probably use the least, unless someone comes up with some clever way to take advantage of it.

Again, these are expensive. You can’t even unlock them all on three characters because it exceeds the 300K total shimmer cap. Throw in some shimmer mods and replant yourself. I prefer this method of unlocking after raids to random community challenges like last time, which I think is a well-intentioned idea and a bit pointless in practice.

I’m looking forward to putting these into my build today. Thanks to World’s First Team Elysium for unlocking these, and congratulations on your three-peat.

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