March 25, 2023

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin — Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutconst has until 3 p.m. Tuesday to pick out his 53-man roster. Calling it the last 53 would be inaccurate. It would also be inaccurate to call it the original 53. In Gutekunst’s eyes, this is a fluid 69-man roster.

“Between 53 and 69 and what the 48 wears on game day, I think you have to look at it differently,” Gutekunst said recently. “And, obviously, the 48 players walking around the pitch every Sunday, that’s the most important thing. But, as you know, it’s been a long season, injury-riddled, and struggling to cope. This year, there are 16 players in the training class, they have the ability to play three times and are much more flexible than in the past.”

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