April 1, 2023

Over the years, observers It used to be thought that consumers were better off renting EV batteries than buying them outright – because batteries are prone to degradation, because new technology makes old batteries obsolete, because one day you might be able to upgrade your car battery with a better one, and soon.

The problem is that leasing is little financial benefit Unless they really need cash for the purchase. Battery leases are unlikely to be any different.

Vietnamese automaker VinFast is testing the waters with plans to sell electric cars while renting out batteries, and the terms of the deal seem so twisted that I suspect VinFast’s business model is less about the purported consumer benefit than it is from the start. Keeping control of the battery done. By offering a battery subscription service, VinFast may say they’re trying to lower the bar for owning an EV, but their real role appears to be harvesting the residual value of the battery.

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