April 1, 2023

Donald Trump Jr. reacted to the release of a document related to the FBI search of his father’s Mar-a-Lago home, sharing a photo of Donald Trump elderly man with a black edit box on his privates , and added the caption “EDIT THIS!!!”

The bizarre post came shortly after the redacted affidavit used by the FBI to obtain a search warrant for the search of the former president’s Florida home was made public.

A few weeks ago, Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Cary Lake said at an event that both Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Trump have “BDEs.”

Gov. DeSantis “has the guts” and is “bigger — well, wait, let me think about how I want to express this,” Ms. Lake said. My staff always says, whatever you do, don’t Say ‘ball’.”

She elaborates: “I’ll tell you what he has. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but he has BDE. Anyone know what that means? Ask your kids later.”

“I call it the ‘Great DeSantis energy,'” she added. “He has the same BDE as President Trump.”

“And frankly, he has the same kind of BDE we want all our elected leaders to have.”

This isn’t the first time the GOP has devoted itself to discussing the former president’s private parts. In 2016, during a presidential debate, Trump himself raised the unusual topic.

Mr. Trump said at the time, referring to his hands: “Look at those hands. Are they small hands… If they’re small, then everything else must be small. I promise there’s no problem, I promise.”

Former President Barack Obama’s spokesman Tommy Vito shared a screenshot of Don Jr.’s latest post on his Twitter, commenting: “This is @DonaldJTrumpJr posting a d*** about his dad. Classic father and son relation.”

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