March 26, 2023

The consumer research group has called Uber “extremely hypocritical in its treatment of women” after the company has faced multiple allegations from women over its decision to fund abortion trips for employees.

Uber is currently sue Multiple women have accused drivers of sexual assault, claiming that “female passengers in multiple states have been kidnapped, sexually assaulted, sexually assaulted, raped, falsely imprisoned, stalked, harassed, or otherwise assaulted by Uber drivers in multiple states.”

The company has Decide Join other left-wing companies in funding abortion travel for employees who try to kill unborn babies and bypass state laws that ban the process.

Consumer research shows Uber can hide behind their abortion Say They support women while also facing allegations of sexism and harassment from employees.

Uber in 2019 agree $4.4 million paid to “victims of sex discrimination” following EEOC investigation.

The consumer group has launched a new ad campaign targeting Uber for reporting sexual violence against female drivers.

The ad, titled “The Truth About Uber,” begins with text messages sent back and forth between an apparent couple. The interviewee, who was suggested to be a woman, said she was “taking an Uber right now.” Before long, she stopped replying and the message changed from blue to green, suggesting her phone was off and she was in danger.


It then cites a 2018 CNN headline that said “103 Uber drivers accused of sexual assault or abuse” and a June 2022 Uber safety report pointing to 998 sexual assaults, including 141 reports of rape .

“Uber pretends they care about women,” the ad reads. “Help pay for abortion. But we know the truth.”

The ad will run on national television, but will focus on San Francisco (where Uber is headquartered), New York City and Washington, D.C.

The ad campaign will also include billboards placed outside San Francisco International Airport, Oakland International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport.

Will Hild, executive director of consumer research, said in a statement. “The truth is that Uber’s behavior toward women is simply horrible, and it’s manipulative and extremely misleading to assume that paying for an abortion will somehow make everything better.”

Bracken F.Tees is a reporter for Breitbart News.You can follow him on twitter @BreccanFThies.

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