March 25, 2023

A sharp-eyed citizen found a missing elderly man in danger this week in La Honda, California.

old people have Driven ABC 7 reported Tuesday that it fell from a cliff to hundreds of feet below the road.

He has been in his Land Rover, spending the night outside in the low temperatures after the fall. However, it wasn’t until Tuesday that the situation improved.

Well-meaning people in their 70s noticed the white vehicle and decided to take action.

“He went back to the scene, tied a rope to the truck, and climbed down the hill to try to help someone trying to get down,” explained Art Montiel, public information officer for the California Highway Patrol (CHP) in Redwood City.

Representatives and emergency personnel rushed to the scene to complete the rescue work.

CAL FIRE/San Mateo County Firefighters and @WoodsideFire_CA Helped a man knock down a 250-foot embankment the night before,” Cal Fire San Mateo Santa Cruz noted in a social media post.

photo show Hillside where the overturned vehicle is far from the road:

“He pulled himself away and was seen by passersby around 11:30am. Firefighters used a rope system to place him in a basket. He was transported by CalStar,” the agency continued.

At the same time, the authorities thank the public for their quick response in the event of an emergency.

“Whenever the public calls, we appreciate it,” commented Montier.

The driver is recovering from a head injury and is expected to be fine.

A similar example occurred in April when a father and his son rescued According to news reports on the 6th, their vehicle fell hundreds of feet from a cliff in Mariposa County in severe weather.

According to the CHP, the father lost control of the vehicle while turning in the rain.

“A CAL-FIRE unit in the area saw a collapsed road sign and stopped to investigate when he saw the vehicle,” Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office explain In social media posts:

a miracle. A sharp-eyed firefighter. Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team. All of this together saved the lives of the father and son who are traveling through Mariposa County today. On Hwy 49 North between Coulterville and Bagby Recreation, the vehicle they were driving veered off the road and followed the embankment for about 400-500 feet. A CAL-FIRE unit in the area saw a collapsed road sign and stopped to investigate when he saw the vehicle. Search and Rescue responded and started rescue operations using CAL-FIRE and Mercy Ambulance. Throughout the rescue process, wind and rain made it more difficult for rescuers. The father and son were talking when they reached the top of the embankment after being pulled up the hill by rescuers. They were taken to Valley Hospital. We don’t know how long the two men were there before they were found.

Posted by Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office Monday, April 11, 2022

“The search and rescue team responded and began rescue operations with CAL-FIRE and Mercy Ambulance,” the agency said, adding that they were alert as rescuers carried them up the hill and to the hospital.

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