March 24, 2023

bitcoin [BTC] Hash rate hits a new milestone – something it has struggled to hit since June 8.according to CoinWarzBTC computing power hit a new high in more than two months.

As of August 26, the hash rate, which provides details of the computing power used to influence BTC transactions, was 248.61 exahash per second (EH/s). Historical data shows that the closest hashrate on August 19 was 236.50EH/s.

This jump can be surprising, especially when BTC price plummets, losing $22,000 of holdings and look at fell below $20,000.So, does this mean bitcoin miner Is there more power now to get more bitcoins into circulation?

It may be too early to tell that the same hash rate has withdrawn its steps. As of press time, the BTC hashrate is 216.49EH/s.

Source: CoinWarz

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By the way, computing power is not the only computing power participating in the rally.Bitcoin block interval difficulty follow. Typically updated every 2,016 blocks, the difficulty reached a height of 749,952, up 0.63% from the previous interval, according to


Notably, the block interval difficulty reached the aforementioned milestone with an average hash rate of 202.76 EH/s. Blockchain consulting group BlocksBridge Consulting was initially notified of the update publicly.

The company also expects that the difficulty could climb further in the coming days.

Interestingly, they seem to be accurate. Data from indicates that the next difficulty is estimated to increase by 4.46%.Although miners enjoy The difficulty was lower two weeks ago, and this increase could create a tough path for them to increase block rewards.

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While difficulty levels are expected to reduce block rewards for BTC miners, this is not the case.according to glass node Data shows that miners’ block reward revenue has soared from a drop on August 24.

As of August 26, the value of 912.5 as of the aforementioned date increased to 1,100. Interestingly, revenue has remained at this level as of press time.

Source: Glassnode

Not only an increase, but the second highest reward since July. The first was 1,112.5 on Aug. 19, the same day the hash rate spiked before the latest.

Despite BTC’s bearish signal, miners appear to be turning a profit, and a rise in BTC’s price may even make it better when other factors are considered.

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