March 25, 2023

The inevitable looms on Friday, when Auburn’s Alan Green resigns From his position — an unheard of move for an athletic director to be safe in his post, Green has never really been safe in the role.

Green’s tenure has been rocky and his ground has changed rapidly as a contract slated to expire in January 2023 is about to expire. A month before he was hired in January 2018, then football coach Gus Marzan received a seven-year extension from school principal Steven Leath at the end of the 2017 football season. his Worked in May 2017). Some presidents aren’t very hands-on with athletics, but Rice is. Marzan earned a spot in the SEC Championship Game and a College Football Playoff berth in the rematch with Georgia. Auburn lost, but Marzan bought back the stake and signed a new deal for a massive buyout.

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