April 1, 2023

Endpoint listings are a smash hit for Amazon with viewer scores and lots of viewing time. So why hasn’t it been updated to season 2?

This is likely to happen eventually, but we have some updates on the status of Terminal Manifest Season 2, and where things stand now.

Executive producer Jack Carr, who wrote the original, has caused some controversy by declaring that it’s not “wake up,” and he has something to say about it daily mail On the status of the second season:

“Chris wanted to do it, and Amazon wanted to do it too. But it all could fall apart,” Carr said. “This will be an eight-part series based on the second book, The True Believer. We’ll see.”

Chris Pratt is currently negotiating a return, but considering every moment of Season 1 is on him, one of his stipulations could reduce the workload. Here is Carl:

“We nearly killed Chris last time!” Karl said. “He carried the load of the show but never complained once. It was him in almost every scene. It was a lot of work. I’ve worked on several subplots to take the pressure off him for the next series. “

Critics didn’t like it, but audiences loved it.

If you’re wondering how Chris Pratt’s character (spoiler) survived a brain tumor to continue his adventure, the book goes next (more spoilers) that the tumor is benign and that Pratt could play a role in the U.S. government Assassins are free to return, leading to more adventures. Carr is writing the sixth book in the series, so it’s clear there’s plenty of runway ahead if they need it.

Looks like they will need it. Amazon Prime does grab them when they find them because it doesn’t have that many. Its biggest hits are things like The Boys, which has had 4 seasons and a spin-off so far, and Reacher, which is returning for season 2. The Lord of the Rings is about to become its biggest experiment yet, and it won’t doubt the air for years, regardless of its initial performance.

But The Terminal List feels like something Amazon needs to do so it can return in future seasons. They have source material, they have a fan base, and I guess the biggest concept is to budget and make sure Pratt can come back. I hope this will be resolved soon and season 2 will be announced soon. But it’s kind of weird that it’s taken so long.

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