April 1, 2023

As most smartphone lovers are probably aware, Samsung officially unveiled its new batch of foldable tech today, including the phablet Fold4 and retro-styled Flip4.

Before shipping the foldable microcomputer to eager buyers, we probably don’t know much about exactly what goes into the rigorous testing of foldable microcomputers. Yesterday via YouTube, Samsung lifted the curtain on what can only be described as an army of mad scientist robots tasked with making sure every mobile device it makes comes from the factory with every rating box ticked.

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It starts with the back cover and then goes through a functional test to make sure things like the S Pen and proximity sensor are working properly. Going a step further, it involves networking, cameras, wireless charging, and flex testing, among others. Then came the folding table, and countless mechanical arms folded and unfolded the phone countless times, which was fun to watch. I think they’re trying to get close to the 200,000x limit that Samsung claims.

What followed was a tiny robotic finger that pushed all the inputs over and over. The video ends with thoroughly tested IPX8 water resistance, where the Fold4s and Flip4s are sprayed and soaked like in Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. Or better yet, Disney’s test track at EPCOT. It’s all fun.

It’s good that Samsung went out of their way to test these devices, and they should, especially given the Fold4’s astronomical price. Given that it’s launch day, it’s too early to tell how these phones will fit into actual, real-life everyday use.

The hinges on my review unit so far feel pretty solid, but we’ll need to give it a few months of impeccable daily driving to see real results. Now I need to look inside the PlayStation factory so I can see the machine assembling the DualSense controller.

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